Sing Along With The Music

I have provided an image of the first page of the music so you can see the introduction and will be able to tell when it is time to begin the lyrics"

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Oh my lit-tle hon-ey pin a rose on me,
for I'm just as happy as a bum-ble bee.
I must see- that big pa-rade
Hear that old steam pian-o played
Got to hear the band a play-ing down the street
Got to buy the tick-ets for a big box seat
Oh see them, Oh! hear them, ain't that music grand-
Let's go- let's go, I've got to see that show

Repeat begins here

On circus day-- just see that mule- dressed up in pants
See-- Sal-o-me do the hoot-chie dance
Watch the ac-ro-bats tumb-ling down,
See that great big fun-ny clown.
Look out, for that big griz-ly bear.
He's a fright, he will bite.
Oh! cir-cus day--just comes a-round but once a year
Oh!- my hon-ey ain't you glad we're here?
All the side shows we'll in-ves-ti-gate,
And the mon-keys we will pes-ter-cate
Oh! you cir-cus day

Great job everybody, applause, applause!

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