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The Parlor Songs Collection
December Edition, Featured Covers

This month, I have added some new features that I hope you will enjoy. I also am continuing with the focus on the large folio format music from prior to 1920.

Circus Day
Sing Along With The Lyrics!

Oh! You Circus Day


Music and Lyrics by: Edith Maida Lessing and Jimmie V. Monaco.
Cover artist unknown.

This is one of my favorites from the collection. This song was introduced in 1912 in Lew Field's "Hanky Panky"Not only is the music upbeat and the kind of song that just gets "stuck in your head", but the lyrics are absolutely some of the funniest I have seen. Here is perhaps the funniest line, "and the monkies we will pestercate", nonsense but fun. As a special treat this month, when you play this song, you will also get to see the full lyrics, so sing along.

Hear the music now and sing along with the lyrics!Play The Song

Girl of Mine

Girl of Mine


Music and lyrics by: Harold Freeman, Cover Artist: Rolf Armstrong

One of those gorgeous colorful covers from the glory days of sheet music. The colors and realism of the painting are striking. The artist, Rolf Armstrong is one of the most highly regarded cover artists from the period yet sadly, we have only seven known works by him. Listening to the music brings images of those gentler, kinder days.

Listen to the song in my MIDI versionPlay The Song

Puff of Smoke

Little Puff of Smoke, Goodnight


Music by: G. Harris "Doc" White Lyrics by: R.W. Lardner, Cover artist unknown

For all you Chicago White Sox fans, here is an historical work written by "Doc" White who was a Chicago pitcher at that time. The cover art is reflective of the popular "blackface" music from that period but at least here, the art shows a sensitive side. Doc White (1879 - 1969) pitched for Chicago for several years and pitched against crosstown rival Chicago Cubs in the 1906 World Series (the sox won). Doc wrote at least three other songs with his co-writer Lardner who was a sportswriter in Chicago during that period too.

Hear "Little Puff of Smoke" now!Play The Song

Beautiful Ohio

Beautiful Ohio


Music by: Mary Earl
Lyrics by: Ballard MacDonald
Cover artist: unknown

This is the song of my home state and that of Ms. Forward. I still can remember Ms. Forward teaching my fourth grade class this song. No doubt she played it from this very sheet music. A lovely song, it brings back many thoughts of my own childhood. Ms Forward also taught my father when he was in 4th grade; I'll bet she taught him this song too. Mary Earl was a prolific writer of songs during this era and is known for a number of other lasting melodies including "Dreamy Alabama" included in this months gallery.

Enjoy the music, listen now.Play The Song

And Now, for December, a special Feature!

The following piece was submitted by one of the "fans" of the Forward collection. David Holliday at If any of you have works you would like me to include in future editions, please E-mail me with the details.

The Flash

The Flash


Music by: Carl (or Carlo) Mora

David found this work among a pile of papers. He submitted it to me and asked that I sequence it. After seeing the interesting cover and listening to the fascinating song we decided that we just had to share this work with you. We have been unable to find out anything about the composer, whose name is spelled two different ways on the work. We also have not found out anything about the work. You are probably the first (after David and I) to hear this obscure work for over 100 years. Enjoy!

Listen to this great "Galop".Play The Song