You're My Baby
Music by Nat D. Ayer
Words by A. Seymour Brown
Published 1912 by Jerome H. Remick & Co.

[Verse 1]
There's something the matter with me, dear,
Something I've tried to explain;
If you're away for a week or a day, 'Round my heart I feel a pain,
I don't know Why All I do is sigh.

But, dearie, when you are near me I'm happy as I can be.
Let's cuddle there in the big morris chair
like a couple of birds in a tree,
Oh, dearie, you know I love you so.

You're my baby, You're a wonderful child.
I like to have you 'round to make a fuss over me;
I like to bounce you up and down upon on my knee,
for you're my baby,You certainly were made for me.

If you should go away I'd get right down and pray
that you'd come back to me because I love you so
for you're my baby.

[Verse 2]
I never knew why I was lonely, Never knew why I was blue,
Never knew why I would worry or sigh,Till I met you;
then I knew my Paradise Was in your eyes
Just lay your head on my shoulder, Come to the island of bliss;
Wander thro' life just as husband and wife,
we can settle it all with a kiss,
Oh, dearie, it's true that I love you