You Seem To Be Forgetting Me.
Music by Blanche M. Tice
Published 1916 by Blanche M. Tice, Sioux City, Ia.

[Verse 1]
Along the distant shores of time,
In days when you and I first met,
My life was crowned with joy sublime,
A joy I never can forget;

We strolled in loveland's mystic realm,
Our path with sweetest flowers strewn,
Like flowers rare that blossomed there,
Fond hopes have faded all too soon.

You seem to be forgetting me,
Just like the rose forgets the dew,
You seem to be forgetting me,
For you are not so fond and true;

Your blush bespeaks of sunkissed cheeks,
And happy days that used to be,
And through my heart yourr love still seeks,
You seem to be forgetting me.

[Verse 2]
I call you sweetheart just the same,
As in the golden days gone by,
There's something sacred in the name,
Although it often brings a sigh;

There comes to me by night and day,
Sweet mem'ries of the long ago,
With love so true I dream of you,
Although it grieves me now I know.