Is It Wrong To Kiss?
Words and Music by J.W. Bischoff
Published 1882 by J. Church & Co.

Is it wrong to kiss! asked a tim-id maid,
Of the shim-mer-ing sands that bord-ered the deep,
No an-swer she got, save the wave-lets played,
A round-e-lay gay, as they kiss-ed her feet.

She asked the sun but he on-ly turned his sau-cy face
from the east-ern sky, And he kissed her cheeks
till they fair-ly burned, And a tear of vex-a-tion dim-med her eye

She asked the wind as it came from the south,
the self same ques-tion the an-swer came
For a zeph-yr sprang up and kissed her mouth,
Till her cheeks and her lips they seemed a flame;

She asked a youth who chanced a-long,
And the mor-al ques-tion was solved in a trice,
For he an-swered Oh, maid-en, it may be wrong,
But, here he pro-ved it 'Tis "ve-ry nice, "ve-ry nice," "Ve-ry nice."