Will My Dreams Come True
Music by Fred Heltman
Words by A.H. Eastman
Published 1914 by The Fred Heltman Co.

My thoughts have strayed
to a lit-tle maid, So far a-way;
A-way a-mong the hills she lives,
And there my heart would stay.

Her eyes are bright,
and her foot-steps light,
And she is fair;
Her smile is sweet and she is neat,
And she has gold-en hair.

In my dreams I see her,
When the shad-ows cast their spells;
When the lights are burn-ing low,
And love its se-cret tells;

Tells the won-drous se-cret;
"O my dar-ling, I love you!"
And I wak-en, and I won-der,
will my dreams come true.

I'll go a-way to the hills to-day,
I'll meet her there;
My lit-tle maid with heart so gay,
So light, so free from care.

And I will see what my fate shall be,
For I know well, Though love is blind,
yet love is kind, And love will al-ways tell.

In my dreams I see her,
And I know that she is mine;
And I know she loves me with
A love al-most di-vine;

And I whis-per soft-ly:
"O I love you, yes, I do!"
Then I wak-en and I won-der,
will my dreams come true.