The Wild Rose
Music by Victor Herbert
Words by Geo. V. Hobart
Published 1910 by M. Whitmark & Sons

[Verse 1]
They found a wild rose, brave and sweet,
deep in the forest glade,
And in a garden fair, for it a
"city home they made;

The haughty roses of "La France"
with chilling languor cried;
"Be patient you may grow like me!"
the wild rose blushed and sighed:

"I'd rather be a wild rose alone in yonder lea!
Where breezes blow, and whisper low their sweetest song to me!
I'd rather be a wild rose than any flow'r that grows!
Oh! set me free! I want to be a wild, wild rose!

[Verse 2]
The tall and lovely lillies
looked with scorn and paler grew,
They said: "This must be heaven
for a country flow'r like you!"

The wild rose held its petals high,
tho' trembling was it's stem;
Then in its sweet and plaintive way
it sadly answered them:

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
"The forest stranger does not thrive,"
observed the Jonquelnot.
The wild rose sad and paler grew
amid the pomp and show.

One weary day unto its heart
sweet woodland voices cried.
"I'm free at last!" the wild rose said,
and yearning thus, it died.