When You're Away
Music by Victor Herbert
Lyric by Henry Blossom
Published 1914 by M. Whitmark & Sons.

[Through Composed]
Though time may let us sometimes forget,
Until, with but a sigh,
The mem'ries of a passionate love
Turn ashen cold and die,

For me there still can be but you!
Come weal or woe, my love is true!
Ah! dear one, if you only knew
My heart, when you're away.

When you're away, dear,
how weary the lonesome hours!
Sunshine seems gray, dear!
The fragrance has left the flow'rs!

Ever I hear you, in seeming,
Whisp'pring soft love words to me!
Ah! If I knew 'twere but dreaming!
Ne'er to be!

Then when you're near me,
Thare's naught that I strive to do,
Save to endear me more fondly,
my love, to you!

Never again let us part, dear!
I die without you, mine own!
Hold me again to your heart!
I love you alone! Love you, mine own!
Love you alone!