We'll Carry The Star Spangled Banner Thru The Trenches
Words and Music by Daisy M. Erd
Published 1917 by Lang & Mendelsohn, Boston

[Verse 1]
Rise to the call of the bugle,
Rise to the call of the just;
Boys in the trenches are praying,
To aid and help them you must,

Come comrades rise and go to them,
Take them Old Glory so fair,
We'll fight for France our great Ally,
The Stars and Stripes shall lead them over there.

We'll Carry the Star Spangled Banner
Thru the trenches of good old France,
Then onward Christian soldiers Forward we all advance,
Our cause is right Our hearts are light,

We march to victory, To France we shall go,
Ever crushing the foe,
And we'll carry the Star Spangled Banner.

[Verse 2]
Mother of France boys are pleading,
Pleading to you for your aid;
Take them the Star Spangled banner,
It will help lighten the way,

Don't wait too long it is fatal,
Do not let evil prevail,
Fill up the ranks sound the bugle,
The deed of Lafayette remember well.

[Repeat Chorus]