Wake Up, America!
Music by Jack Glogau
Words by George Graff, Jr.
Published 1916 by Leo Feist, Inc.

[Verse 1]
Have we forgotten, America,
The battles our fathers fought?
Are we ashamed of our history
In the peace that fighting brought?

Must we be laughed at, America,
while our swords turn weak with rust?
Is the blood of our fathers wasted?
And how have we treated their trust?

Is Columbia the gem of the ocean?
Is Old Glory the pride of the Free?
Let's forget ev'ry selfish emotion,
United for ever let's be!

Wake up, America, If we are called to war,
Are we prepared to give our lives
For our sweethearts and our wives?
Are our mothers and our homes worth fighting for?

Let us pray, God, for peace, but peace with honor,
But let's get ready to answer duty's call,
So when Old Glory stands unfurled,
Let it mean to all the word,
America is ready, that's all!

[Verse 2]
Do you remember George Washington,
That winter at Valley Forge?
Jackson and Custer and faragut,
And of Perry at Fort George?

Mc Kinley and Lincoln were fighting men,
and the heroes our country knew,
Simply crowd thru our hist'ry pages,
Just think what they've done all for you!

Made Columbia the gem of the ocean,
Made Old Glory the pride of the Free,
Shall we fail in our test of devotion?
Oh! what is our hist'ry to be?

[Repeat Chorus]