Music by: Uncredited
Words by Jesse Hutchinson Jr.
Published1846 by C. Holt Junr., New York

[Verse 1]
Oh sweet the spring, with its merry ring,
When the robins chirp, and the blue birds sing,
their voices clear make glad the ear,
In their welcome songs to the op'ning year.

Then Ho! farmers ho!
To the fields now with beauty adorning
with hearts all right, and spirits light,
We'll sing with the birds in the morning.
Heigh ho! the farmers go, over he fields to plough and mow.

[Verse 2]
Oh where's the mind, so unrefined,
But in the spring glows warm and kind,
as ev'ry morn is fresh new born,
And the hills resound with the mellow horn.


[Verse 3]
Now full of joy, without alloy,
How merrily sings, the farmer's boy,
His voice he trills like the whipoorwill,
while the sound runs echoing o'er the hills.