There's A Tender Look In Your Eyes
Music by Victor Herbert
Words by Richard Bruce
Published 1920 by T. B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter, N.Y.

[Verse 1]
Tell me why you trifle with your heart?
You're aware love is there,
Why not listen to it's calling?
You see we can never live apart,
Tell me why we should try,
You and I?

There's a tender look in your eyes.
You'll surrender if you are wise.
Why resist me? Why not confess?
When you kissed me you meant "yes?"

From your glances I can divine
Fond romances none can decline
Tell me truly, Why so unruly?
You will some day be mine.

[Verse 2]
Hear me.Do not let me plead in vain.
When you feel love's appeal,
You must hearken to its pleading.
Heart free no one ever can remain,
Any day Love may say,
You obey.

[Repeat Chorus]