A Song Of Love and Flattery.
Music by Harry Von Tilzer
Words by Vincent Bryan
Published 1908 by Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Little Johnnie Brown and pretty Mary Lee,
They are spooning 'neath a shady maple tree,
Johnnie says tho' I've met lots of girls before you,
You're the sweetest one of all and I adore you,

You're so pretty you're so witty, you're so wise,
You're a girl that any boy would idolize,
Oh no words of mine can say,
How much I love you may,
She looks into his eyes and then replies.

Taffy, just a little bit of taffy
Maybe you think I'm a baby,
That you're giving taffy to but you will do,
If you just take me.
And if I don't love you make me,
I don't want a lot of taffy dearie
all I want is you,

[Verse 2]
Johnnie says now you are only teasing,
May For you know that I mean ev'ry word I say,
She replies, You've said a lot of nice things to me,
But the oter boys are diffrent when they woo me,

Johnnie dear, You've wasted time all after noon,
For you've talked so much that you forgot to spoon,
Now your kiss is more to me, Than all your flattery,
So change your tune we must be going soon.

[Repeat Chorus]