Music by E. H. Ellison
Words by Robert H. Brennen
Published 1901

[Through Composed]
While passing thro' a city grand one Sunday years ago,
I stopped outside a famous church my heart and soul aglo,
For thro' the open door there came the chanting of a song,
Which held me there en'tranced with joy amid the moving throng,

It was a song of faith and hope, of tenderness and love,
Which filled my wearied soul that morn like manna from above,
My heart was touched as I stood there a stranger all forlorn,
And mem'ry dear oft brings the song I heard one Sunday morn.

Into the church I softly stepped and knelt down on the floor,
And listened to the dear old song which thrilled me o'er and o'er,
For as the organ softly pealed each note in tender tone,
I felt a peace within my soul that I had never known.

Sing then aloud in one accord
Lift up your voices all of every nation!
Hosanna! Praise to the Lord,
Blessed who cometh to bring us salvation,
That was the song, the grand sweet song,
I heard one Sunday morn.