Somebody Wants You
Words and Music by Maude Nugent
Published 1909 by Maurice Shapiro.

[Verse 1]
True love is sun-ny, Sweet-er than hon-ey,
True love will ban-ish all care;
When with your dear-ie, Life's nev-er wear-ry,
Noth-ing but hap-pi-ness there.

Hearts are in clo-ver, All the world o-ver,
Cu-pid has no time to rest;
Just some-one to press you, to kiss and ca-ress you,
The one that you real-ly like best.

"Some-bod-y loves you, Some-one I know;
Some-bod-y's eyes of blue have told you so.
Some-bod-y wants you, Wants you I know;
Some-bod-y cares for you,
It's nice to be some-bod-y's beau.

[Verse 2]
Most ev'-ry girl-ie, Starts to love ear-ly,
Sweet hearts of course, un-der-stand;
Like love-birds coo-ing, Love starts a brew-ing,
The mo-ment he squeez-es your hand.

Spend-ing your hou-rs Gath-er-ing flow-ers,
Un-der the sun-shine of May;
A ring on her fin-ger, you place, then you lin-ger,
The light from her eyes seem to say.