Just To Meet Her By The Silvery Delaware
Composer: Music by H.H. Johnson
Published 1911 by Henry H. Johnson.

[Verse 1]
That country school in dear old Pensylvania,
Where Nature did her richest joys impart
'Twas there a dimpled school mate made me happy
And bound me with the bow strings of her heart.

In dreams I hear the meadow lark a singing,
And the school bell ringing on the morning air
The recitation and the merry laughter
That echoed by the silv'ry Delaware.

Oh, the silv'ry Delaware,
how I wish that I were there
And could hear that old bell
ringing on the air

It would bring me joy I know,
As it used to long ago
Just to meet her by the silv'ry Del aware.

[Verse 2]
That cottage home and old familiar faces,
How sweetly they refresh my mind again
In dreams I often hear the nestling thrushes,
A singing in the bushes down the lane.

I'm happy when I dream of dimpled Mary,
And of the many joys we cherished there
Those eyes that touched my boyish heart
in school days Still twinkle by the silv'ry Delaware.

[Repeat Chorus]