You'll Always Be The Same Sweet Girl
Music by Harry Von Tilzer
Words by Andrew B. Sterling
Published 1915 by Harry Von Tilzer Music Pub. Co.

[Verse 1]
Come and sit beside me little girl of mine,
Let me watch the lovelight in your eyes divine,
How I bless the day, that sweet day you came my way,
I do love you,

When I told the sweetest story ever told,
Then I won your heart and won a heart of gold,
Years may come and go you'll always be the same I know,
my heart has told me so.

You'll always be the same sweet girl that's why I love you,
You'll always have the same sweet way so good and true,
For you remind me of one other That's my own sweet Mother,
just like me I know she loves you too,
your eyes remind me of the stars that shine above you,
for when I met you dear I found a precious pearl
And when gold is turning grey you'll have the same sweet way,
You'll always, yes you'll always be the same sweet girl.

[Verse 2]
On the day we met dear you were standing there,
In love's garden and a sunbeam kissed your hair,
My first love I knew, for my heart went out to you,
Just you my dear,

How my heart was beating when you whispered "yes,"
How my heart was yearning for that first caress,
Love's first tender kiss dear, from two lips that sweeter grow,
my sweetest girl I know.

[Repeat Chorus]