Composer: By Joe Cronson and Charles Ruddy
Published MCMXVII by Eastern Music Co., Providence, R.I.

[Verse 1]
The regiments are ready ev'ry one,
Waiting for the day to sail.
Rhode Island's loyal sons,
Are going to show the Huns,
Old Glory was never known to fail.

And when they sail away,
You'll hear them softly say:

So long Rhode Island So long folks at home,
Goodbye dear old Pals;
We're going over to fight the foe,
And to face the shot and shell,

Now don't be grieving 'cause we're leaving
For the battle over there,
Old Glory'll tell the story
when we march into Berlin,
Then you'll know we've done our share.

[Verse 2]
For Liberty is calling to the fray,
Most ev'ry mother's son away;
We'll fight with all our might,
We've got to win the fight,
For our boys are going to show the way.

We'll miss you all the while,
Now friends cheer up and smile:

[Repeat Chorus]