Little Puff of Smoke, Good-Night
Music by G. Harris ("Doc") White.
Words by R.W. Lardner.
Published 1910 by Victor Kremer Co., Chicago - New York

[Verse 1]
Little colored child, He's been running wild,
Running all the livelong day, Must be tired out,
Must be just about, Ready now to seek the hay;

Mammy sits right near, Pickaninny dear,
Nothing's goin' to harm him, no,
Mammy she, her watch will keep,
While her little boy's asleep
on his pillow white as snow.

Time to sleep and rest,In your cozy nest,
Time to close those little lids down tight;
Other kids like you,They are sleeping too,

Waiting for tomorrow's sunshine bright,
When the new dawn breaks, Pickaninny wakes,
Little Puff of Smoke, Goodnight.

[Verse 2]
Little shining star, In the sky afar,
Tells my boy to go to sleep, Go to sleep and rest,
On your mammy's breast, While the angels watch will keep;

Sweetest dreams will come, To my sugar plum,
To my little heart's delight,
Cuddle down and shut your eyes,
Waking with the bright sunrise,
Little Puff of Smoke, Goodnight.