Paint Me A Picture of Mamma.
Music by Raymond Hubbell.
Words by Addison Burkhardt
Published 1902 by Chas. K. Harris.

Within a costly studio, an artist sat alone,
He gazed upon a canvas, full of pride;
With skillful stroke he'd pictured one of nature's fairest maids,
Contentedly he lay his brush aside;

But as he sat a gentle tap he heard upon the door,
And when it opened wide he turned his head,
A little girl with golden hair before him stood in tears,
And in a voice of sadness slowly said:

Paint me a picture of mamma,
For she has gone away;
Gone to a place called heaven,
Where I'll meet her some day;
Please make it look just like her,
With eyes same as mine, of blue;
Paint me a picture of mamma,
Please Mister Artist do.

The artist took the maiden in his arms and slowly said:
"I knew a mamma once who had your eyes;"
When suddenly the little one cried; "That looks like mamma!"
And pointed to the picture in surprise;

Then quickly of the child he asked, "did your papa one day,
A quarrel have and leave your mamma then!"
"That's what she said before she went away," replied the Miss,
And as he kissed his child she cried again: