I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay
Lyric and Music By Stanley Murphy
Published 1915 by Jerome Remick

Mi-chael Shea he marched a-way
with the Dub-lin Fu-si-liers,
An' he left the town in cheers
but he left his girl in tears.

But in the rat-tle of the bat-tle
Mi-chael stood his test,
An' he won a "Sar-gent's" u-ni-form
an' a me-dal on his chest.

He got a two month's fur-lough
an' he start-ed on his way,
His I-rish eyes a-danc-in'
as the Boys all heard him say:

Good-bye! I'm on my way
to dear old Dub-lin Bay,
That's why I'm feel-in' gay,
For oh! I know sweet Mol-ly O.
My col-leen, fair to see,
is wait-in' there for me,

Her heart with love a-bub-ble-in'
On Dub-lin Bay.