attributed to DAN EMMETT
This Edition Published 1882 by Oliver Ditson & Co.

I come to town de udder night,
I hear de noise and saw de fight,
De watchman was a runnin' round,
Cryin' Old Dan Tucker's come to town,

So get out de way,Ole Dan Tucker,
get out de way, Ole Dan Tucker,
get out de way, Ole Dan Tucker,
You're too late to come to supper.

Dan Tucker is a nice old man,
He used to ride our darby ram;
He sent him wizzin down de hill,
If he hadn't got up, he'd lay dar still.

Old Dan Tucker an I got drunk,
He fell in de fire an kick up a chunk,
De charcoal got inside he shoe,
Lor bless you, honey, how de ashes flew.

I went to town to buy some goods,
I lost myself in a piece of woods,
De night was dark, I had to suffer,
It froze de heel of Daniel Tucker.

Tucker was a hardened sinner,
nebber said his grace at dinner,
De old sow squeel de pigs did squall,
He whole hog wid de tail and all.

And now Ole Dan is a gone sucker,
He nebber can go home to supper,
Old Dan he has had him last ride,
An de banjo's buried by his side.