New York, I'm All For You
Words and Music by Edwin Weber
Published 1917 by Kalmar, Puck & Abrahams Consolidated Music Publishers

[Verse 1]
They have writ-ten songs of ev'-ry ci-ty and of ev'-ry state
From Mo-bile Bay to I-o-wa, to 'Fris-co's Gold-en Gate
But there is one the best of all that so far they have missed
They've got them all ex-cept the one that head-lines on the list.

[Chorus 1]
New York the pride and en-vy of them all
New York as staunch and sol-id as a wall
New York where men get out and dare and do
New York the home of ev'-ry-thing that's new

New York my heart and soul be-long to you
New York when I'm a-way from you, I'm blue
New York the poor-est boy has chan-ces new
New York I'm all for you.

[Chorus 2]
New York the name that's mu-sic to my ear
New York the words I al-ways love to hear
New York the coun-try lis-tens at her call
New York the great-est ci-ty of them all

New York the home of op-por-tu-ni-ty
New York you'll last for all E-ter-ni-ty
New York your great-ness thrills me through and through
New York I'm all for you.

[Verse 2]
Have you ev-er been a-way from there for an-y length of time?
Per-haps just on some lit-tle trip, per-haps some for-eign clime
I'll bet you feel the same as I do when you hear that name
I want to yell it right out loud, when they ask from whence I came.

[Repeat chorus]