No Irish Need Apply
Attributed to "Miss Kathleen O'Neil"
Published 1863 by S. Brainerd & Co. , Cleveland

1. I'm a sim-ple I-rish girl,
and I'm look-ing for a place,
I've felt the grip of pov-er-ty,
but sure that's no dis-grace,

T'will be long be-fore I get one,
tho' in-deed it's hard I try,
For I read in each ad-ver-tise-ment,
"No I-rish need ap-ply."

A-las! for my poor coun-try,
which I nev-er will de-ny,
How they in-sult us when they write,
"No I-rish need ap-ply."

2. Now I won-der what's the reason
that the for-tune fav-ored few,
Should throw on us that dir-ty slur
and treat us as they do,

Sure they all know Pad-dy's heart is warm
and will-ing is his hand, They rule us yet,
we may not earn a liv-ing in their land,

O, to their sis-ter coun-try,
how can they bread de-ny,
By send-ing forth this cru-el line,
"No I-rish need ap-ply."

3. Sure I did not do the like,
when they anchor'd on our shore,
For Irish hospitality
there's no need to deplore,

And every door is open
to the weary stranger still,
Pat would give his last potato,
yes and give it with a will,

Nor, whiskey, which he prizes so,
is any case deny,
Then, wherefore do they always write,
"No Irish need apply?"

4. Now what have they against us,
sure the world knows Paddy's brave,
For he's helped to fight their battles,
both on land and on the wave,

At the storming of Sebastopol,
and beneath an Indian sky,
Pat raised his hand,
for their General said,
"All Irish might apply."-

Do you mind Lieutenant Massey,
when he raised the battle cry!
Then are they not ashamed to write,
"No Irish Need Apply!"

5. Then they can't deny us genius
with "Sheridan" - "Tom Moore?"
The late lamented "Catherine Hays"
and Sam Lover to the fore, -

Altho' they may laugh at our "Bulls"
they cannot but admit,
That Pat is always sensible
and has a ready wit, -

And if they ask for Beauty,
what can beat their nice black eye?
Then is it not a shame to write,
"No Irish need apply?"

6. Och! the French must loudly crow
to find we're slighted thus,
For they can ne'er forget the blow
that was dealt by one of us,

If the iron Duke of Wellington
had never drawn his sword,
They might have had "Napoleon Sauce"
with their beef upon my word,

They think now of their hero,
dead; his name will never die,
Where will they get another such
if, "No Irish need apply?"

7. Ah, but now I'm in the land
of the "glorious and free"
And proud I am to own it,
a country dear to me,

I can see by your kind faces,
that you will not deny
A place in your hearts for Cathleen,
and all Irish may apply.

Then long may the Union flourish,
and ever may it be
A pact unto the world and the home of liberty