Composer: J. B. MURPHY
This Edition 1882,
Original Publication and Copyright 1865 by Oliver Ditson & Co.

I've just arrived in town today,
And here I is before you,
To sing about my name and occupation;
I come from old Virginny State,
De best in all de nation,
O, ho! O, ho! to Nicodemus Johnson.

My master was a union man,
He did not like secession,
And so he had to leave de old plantation;
I thought to stay behind him there,
'Twould be an agravation,
O, ho! O, ho! to Nicodemus Johnson.

I wish dis war would only end,
And peace come frew de nation,
I'd go right back to Dixie land and stay dar;
For I isn't any contraband,
I love de old plantation,
O, ho! O, ho! That's Nicodemus Johnson.