My Emmy Lou.
Words and Music by Chas. H. La Tourette
Published 1912 by Hamilton S. Gordon

[Verse 1]
Far away beneath the skies of sunny Dixie,
Where the summer winds are sighing soft and low;
Lives a creole maid of whom I'm always dreaming,
Though her skin is dark, her heart is true I know,

Years have pass'd since last we two were parted,
But the feeling in my heart remains the same.
It was there 'neath skies of blue,
That she promised she'd be true,
While I sang to her this sweet refrain;

"Emmy Lou, My Emmy Lou,
There's no other girl in all the South like you.
I love you true, Indeed I do,
You are the sunbeam of my heart, My Emmy Lou."

[Verse 2]
I remember well the day when last I kiss'd her,
As I left her near her dear old Southern home;
Down her dusky cheek the tears were slowly falling,
As she whispered "Think of me where'er you roam."

Seems as though I hear the church bells ringing,
In my fancy I am with her as of yore;
And I'm waiting for the day,
When I'll wander back that way,
Then I'll softly sing to her once more;