My Baby's Kiss.
Music by L. Peasley
Words by M.E. Rourke
Published 1896 by McKinley Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Press your ru-by lips to mine Ba-by, ba-by dear.
Drip-ping red with ro-sy wine Ba-by, ba-by dear,
Laugh-ing lump of dimp-led bliss, Hold me tight-ly just like this,
While I tell you of your kiss Ba-by, ba-by dear.

One, two, three, four, five, six, sev-en, One for ev'-ry day
Like a let-ter sent from heav-en, Post-age yet to pay
May I nev-er miss that let-ter With its load of bliss.
There is noth-ing, sweet-er, bet-ter, Than my ba-by's kiss.

[Verse 2]
Does my lit-tle dar-ling know Ba-by, ba-by dear.
As each year you old-er grow Ba-by, ba-by dear,
That the day is com-ing, when, You'll be big, like oth-er men,
I will be the ba-by then Ba-by, ba-by dear.

[Repeat Chorus]