Mister Dooley
Music by Jean Schwartz.
Words by Wm. Jerome.
Published 1902 by Shapiro, Bernstein & Von Tilzer.

[Verse 1]
There is a man that's known to all,
a man of great renown,
A man who's name is on the lips
of every one in town,

You read about him every day
you've heard his name no doubt.
And if he even sneezes
they will get an Extra out

For Mister Dooley,
For Mister Dooley
The greatest nab the country ever knew,
Quite diplomatic, And democratic,
is Mister Dooley ooley ooley oo.

[Verse 2]
Napoleon had an army
of a hundred thousand men,
He marched them up the hill
and then he marched them down again,

When they were up why they were
upon that I'll bet a crown,
And though Napoleon marched them up
who was it called them down.

'Twas Mister Dooley,
'Twas Mister Dooley
He always knew a little parle vou,
With Bonipartee, A la Ma Carty
was Mister Dooley ooley ooley oo.

[Verse 3]
This country never can forget,
forget we never will,
The way the boys at San Juan
they went charging up the hill,

Though Teddy got the credit
of that awful bloody fray,
The hero who deserved it
and the man who saved the day.

'Twas Mister Dooley,
'Twas Mister Dooley,
Like a locomotive up the hill he flew,
Who drove the Spaniards,
Back to the Tanyards,
'twas Mister Dooley ooley ooley oo.