Montana Anna
Words and Music by Luella Lockwood Moore
Published 1909 by Grinnell Bros., Detroit

[Verse 1]
Way out west lives the girl that I love best,
Looks like a peach in Som-bre-ro,
Hair like jet; lots of nerve, you bet,
Eyes with a flash of don't care-O

She will hold her own with all the boys for she's all right.
At the round-up she's a cork-er, Both by day and night.
Nev-er miss-es an-y kiss-es, Nev-er throws a bet a-way,
Mon-tan-a An-na is the girl Hoo-ray! Hoo-ray!

Mon-tan-a An-na, I love but you, What shall I do,
I've a feel-ing, fierce-ly steal-ing,
Seems nice and air-y out on the prai-rie,
So I'll set-tle in Mon-tan-a with my An-na.

[Verse 2]
Late one night when the moon was shin-ing bright,
I went to call on my An-na,
All was dark; on the porch a spark,
Shin-ing from some-one's Ha-van-a.

In a flash I un-der-stood the sit-u-a-tion well.
And what hap-pened next, Biff! Bang! there is no need to tell.
So I took my lit-tle knap-sack, And I said I'm going a-way,
Mon-tan-a An-na, You're a flirt, Good-day, Good-day.

[Repeat Chorus]