My Mexicana Queen
Words and Music by Herbert Waterbury
Published 1906 by The American Advance Music Co.

[Verse 1]
In a quiet little nook by a brook,
I would meet my lover bold,
In Mexico, Quite long ago:
'Twas a warm and very bright, starry night,
When his love to me he told,
Quite long ago, In Mexico.

Songs of true love, by the birds right above,
Fill'd our hearts with glee;
Sighs from the trees, by the soft gentle breeze,
Set us fancy free.
Then he made me happy as could be,
When this sweet rerain he sang to me.

Oh! You're my own, my Mexicana Queen!
My heart's own dream! You reign supreme!
Your throne will ever rest beside this silv'ry stream,
My own little Mexicana Queen! Oh!
You're my Queen!

[Verse 2]
In that same little nook by the brook,
Where I met my love of old,
In Mexico, So long ago,
I am watching ev'ry hour,
neath the bow'r Where first his love he told,

To see once more, My love of yore.
Sad was the day when he went far away,
Leaving me alone; But if he returns,
as my heart ever yearns, May his love atone.
Oh, my heart would fill with ecstacy,
If again he sang this song to me.

[Repeat Chorus]