When The Lusitania Went Down
Words and Music by Charles Mc Carron & Nat Vincent
Published 1915 by Leo. Feist, Inc.

[Verse 1]
The nation is sad as can be,
A message came over the sea,
A thousand or more, who sailed from our shore,
Have gone to eternity.

The Statue of Liberty high,
Must now have a tear in her eye,
I think it's a shame,
Some one is to blame,
But all we can do is just sigh!

Some of us lost a true sweetheart,
Some of us lost a dear dad,
Some lost their mothers, sisters and brothers,
Some lost the best friends they had.

It's time they were stopping this warfare,
If women and children must drown,
Many brave hearts went to sleep in the deep,
When the Lusitania went down.

[Verse 2]
A lesson to all it should be,
When we feel like crossing the sea,
American ships, that sail from our slips,
Are safer for you and me.

A Yankee can go anywhere,
As long as Old Glory is there,
Altho' they were warned, The warning they scorned,
And now we must cry in despair;

[Repeat Chorus]