I'd Like To See The Kaiser With A Lily In His Hand
Words and Music by Henry Lewis, Howard Johnson and Billy French
Published 1918 by Leo. Feist, Inc.

[Verse 1]
Scene is in a schoolroom and the lessons are begun,
Teacher says to children in the class,
"If you behave today and try to do your lessons well,
I'll grant you any wish that you may ask."

And just then a little curly head,
Raised his hand and stood right up and said:

"I'd like to see all mothers free from sorrow,
I'd like to see poor Belgium free from pain;
I'd like to see this cruel conflict ended,
I'd like to see my daddy once again.
I'd like to see the Yankees win this battle,
I'd like to see France get back her promised land;
I'd like to see this whole big world United,
And I'd like to see the Kaiser with a lily in his hand!"

[Verse 2]
Teacher said "Now,Curly Head
I think that's very nice,
I agree with ev'rything you say,
I'm going to have you teach
the other children of the class,

So they can tell their ma and pa today.
I now want each child to stand in line,
'Curly Head' will teach you all this rhyme."

[Repeat Chorus]