Jimmy Valentine
Music by Gus Edwards
Words by Edward Madden
Published 1911 by Gus Edwards Inc.

[Verse 1]
When the stars above are blinking,
And the house is dark and still,
And a sound comes clink, clink, clinking,
From the nearby window sill,

If you see a figure crouching,
In the ghostly pale moon shine,
And the bullseye gleams,
Thro' your startled dreams,
Then it's Jimmy Valentine.

Look out, look out, look out for Jimmy Valentine,
For he's a pal of mine,A sentimental crook,
With a touch that lingers in his sandpapered fingers,
He can find the combination to your pocketbook.

Look out, look out, For when you see his lantern shine,
That's the time to jump right up and shout Help!
He'd steal a horse and cart,He'd even steal a girlie's heart,
When Jimmy Valentine gets out.

[Verse 2]
Through a mask two eyes gleam brightly,
As they rove in search of loot,
While a voice remarks politely,
"If you move an inch I'll shoot,

I'm a souvenir collector,
So you have no cause for fright."
Then he bows away With your last week's pay,
And he wishes you "Good night."