I'm Crying Just For You
Music by Jamea V. Monaco
Words by Joe McCarthy
Published 1913 by Broadway Music Corporation.

[Verse 1]
I never knew what love could do,
I never knew I could feel blue,
I never knew till I met you,
But now I'm learning, And how I'm yearning,

I gave you all the love I had,
I thought that you could make me glad,
And now you ask me why I'm sad,
I'll tell you why I cry for you.

I'm crying 'cause I know you'll break my heart,
I'm crying 'cause we're drifting far apart,
I'm crying for a little love that's true,
Like I gave you I want it, I want it,
You used to want it too,

I'm crying 'cause you're acting mighty strange,
I'm crying just to think how soon you've changed,
I ought to hate you, but I love you,
love you, love you true,
That's why I'm crying just for you.

[Verse 2]
I gave up ev'ry friend I knew,
I gave up all my pleasures too,
Once I would give the world for you,
But you deceived me,And how you grieved me,

You promised some day bye and bye,
We'd live in loveland you and I,
You ruined all the dreams I had,
And still you ask me why I'm sad.