I'll Be Happy When The Preacher Makes You Mine
Music by Walter Donaldson
Words by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young
Published 1919 by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.

[Verse 1]
I'm blue, so blue,
Can't get interested in a thing I do;
If you only knew, The dream
that I've been dreaming of you all night through;

Only yesterday I dreamed I lost you,
I awoke and found myself in tears;
One week, seven little days; Seem like seven years.
I can't wait until next Sunday morning,

I'll be so happy when the preacher makes you mine;
You'll love the melodies, of birds and honey bees;
But tell me what could be sweeter than the choir singing,
While the wedding bells are dingdong dinging;

On our way to church next Sunday morning,
We'll bear the people whisper, "don't they both look fine;"
I may be nervous for a while, and during service I won't smile,
But I'll be doggone happy when the preacher makes you mine. mine.

Amen, amen, Let me hear that word
then I'll be glad again;
Till then, you know when,
I'll be just like a lion in a lonely den;

Bought the ring and ev'rything is ready,
All I've got to do is slip it on;
One week, seven little days;
Wish that they were gone.

[Repeat Chorus]