America, Here's My Boy
Music by Arthur Lange
Lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling
Published 1917 by The Joe Morris Music Co.

[Verse 1]
There's a mil-lion moth-ers knock-ing at the na-tion's door,
A mil-lion moth-ers, yes and the'll be mil-lions more,
And while with-in each moth-er heart they pray,
Just hark what one brave moth-er has to say.

A-mer-i-ca, I raised a boy for you.
A-mer-i-ca, You'll find him staunch and true,
Place a gun up-on his should-er,
He is read-y to die or do.

A-mer-i-ca, he is my on-ly one;
My hope, my pride and joy,
But if I had an-oth er,
he would march be-side his broth-er;
A-mer-i-ca, here's my boy.

[Verse 2]
There's a mil-lion moth-ers wait-ing by the fire-side bright,
A mil-lion moth-ers, wait-ing for the call to-night.
And while with-in each heart there'll be a tear,
She'll watch her boy go march-ing with a cheer.

[Repeat Chorus]