Kiss Me, Honey Do.
Music by John Stromberg
Words by Edgar Smith
Published 1898 by Weber, Fields and Stromberg

[Verse 1]
When de cot-ton fields am with-ered
an' de corn am in de groun'
At de cab-in of his Din-ah
dis coon's al-ways hang-in' roun'

When de twi-light am all fad-ed
an' de sun am gone to res'
Den I ser-e-nades de la-dy I loves bes'

Din-ah de moon am shin-in'
For you dis coon am pin-in'
My arm will soon a-roun'
your wais' be twin-in'
kiss me, Hon-ey do.

[Verse 2]
When my boat is on de ba-you drift-in'
down de sil-ver tide
There's a choco-late col-ored la-dy
snug-glin' close up by my side

With her head up-on my should-er
while I hold her lil-y han'
Then I hear my ba-by wisp-er to her man.

[Repeat Chorus]