To Have, To Hold, To Love
Music by Ernest R. Ball
Words by Darl Mac Boyle
Published 1913 by M. Whitmark & Sons

[Verse 1]
There comes a vision fair to me,
Awake, asleep, alone.
Your gentle face, dear heart,I see,
I dream that you're my own,

And in a flight of fancy, soar,
With you to realms above,
Then wake and want you more and more
To have, to hold, to love.

To have, to hold,
to love you Forever and a day.
To have you, dear, to hold you near,
To worship you for aye.

The world would seem a dream, dear,
And fair the skies above,
If you, my own, were mine alone,
To have, to hold to love.

[Verse 2]
My thoughts, dear heart, are all of you,
At morn, at noon, at night.
Each blossom seems of deeper hue,
The stars above more bright,

I've dared to hope this love of mine
Would wake an answ'ring call,
All that I have to give is thine,
My life, my love, my all.

[Repeat Chorus]