When The Harvest Days Are Over
(Jessie Dear.)

Music by Harry Von Tilzer
Words by Howard Graham
Published 1910 by Shapiro, Bernstein & Von Tilzer

[Verse 1]
Near the fireside so cheerful,
Sits an old man sad and tearful,
He is dreaming of the days of long ago,

And in fancy he is roaming,
With his sweetheart in the gloaming,
When he spoke the words that set her cheeks aglow,

By the brook down in the meadow,
In the willows gentle shadow,
There they planned their future happiness one day,

When the sun set in its splendor,
Then his voice grew soft and tender,
As he gently took her in his arms to say.

When the harvest days are over, Jessie dear,
And the sun kissed flowers bloom 'neath sky so clear
You will keep the word you said,
That's the time we two shall wed,
When the harvest days are over, Jessie dear.

[Verse 2]
Now the fire once bright is dying,
As he sits there softly sighing,
For his fancy takes him down a country lane,

Past the old schoolhouse he's strollling,
And he hears the church bells tolling,
As he kneels beside his darling's grave again,

All in white she's gently sleeping,
All in black he's softly weeping,
For the one who was to be his wife some day,

But death took him there to greet her,
And in heav'n above he'll meet her,
Like the fire in the grate he passed away.

[Repeat Chorus]