Girl Of Mine
Words and Music by HAROLD FREEMAN
Published 1917 by H. Federoff

[Verse 1]
I know a garden fill'd with roses rare,
Roses fair grow ev'rywhere,
A land of peaches cream and honeymoon,
Love breezes blowing,That's where I'm going,

I know a little girl whom I adore,
Day by day I love her more.
When mister moon shines, why I want to spoon,
And softly to her this tale croon:

Rose of my moonlight dream, dear,
I'm waiting just for you:
To me this whole world seems, dear,
A Paradise for two,You know not how I love you,

I swear by stars above you,
You know my heart is mighty lonely dear,
All day I wish that you were only here,
Rose of my moonlight dreams, dear,
Dear little girl of mine.

[Verse 2]
You ought to see my little moonlight Rose,
I love her from head to toes,
You ought to see those golden braids of hair,
A smile like sunshine, It makes your heart pine,

You ought to see those light blue angel eyes,
Just like stars in Paradise,
Then you'd be waiting just the same as I,
To sing this little lullaby: