Good Luck To The Boys Of The Allies
Words and Music by Morris Manley
Published 1915 by Morris Manley, Toronto, Canada

[Verse 1]
It's jolly good luck to Johnnie Cannuck,
And all the Allie soldiers,
They're fighting day by day,
In trenches far away,

They'll all march back with the union jack,
In history they'll gain fame.
Just give them a cheer and banish the tear,
For they'll return again.

Good luck to the boys of the Allies,
Just cheer them on their way.
The Union jack they're proud of,
While fighting day by day.

When the band plays that tune called Tipperary,
There's joy right in their eyes.
God save our gracious King,
Good luck to the boys of the Allies.

[Verse 2]
They're jolly and brave, but never do rave
about their pride and bravery,
Right at the front they stay,
In thickest of the fray,

They'll win the fight Their hearts are right,
You bet they're filled with pluck.
Right on their track, when they come back,
We'll cheer our Johnnie Cannuck.

[Repeat Chorus]