The Flag Without A Stain
Words and Music by C. A. White
Published 1914 by White-Smith Music Publishing Co.

[Verse 1]
For years and years I've waved o'er my people,
O'er land and sea, over church tower and steeple:
Foremost in battle proudly I reign,
Triumphant now o'er thee, without one stain.
Oh how I trembled, when called alone to stand,
But brave hearts sustain'd me to wave o'er the land.

Oh, my America!
Oh, my America!
Proudly I wave o'er thee,
Sweet land of Liberty

[Verse 2]
No Flag on earth shall insult this nation,
Justice and Right shall e'er be our relation:
No creed or sect shall here ever reign,
While floats the Stars and Stripes without one stain.
Stars that were blotted are shining once again,
The Angel of Peace has wiped out the stain.