Every One Was Meant For Some One
Music by Evans Lloyd
Words by Jeff T. Branen
Published 1906 by J. T. Branen Co.

[Verse 1]
Oftentimes I ponder, Now and then I wonder
What my fate will be; Who's to pay the pastor,
Who'll be lord and master Some day over me.

I should like to know what makes you sigh,
There's a look of sadness in your eye;
Not so hard to read you Since you say I need you,
This is my reply:

Ev'ry one was meant for some one,
No one need to live alone:
Ev'ry one can find a loved one.
Some one they can call their own.

Somewhere in this world there's waiting
Some one who'll be fond and true;
Ev'ry one was meant for some one
Maybe I was meant for you?

[Verse 2]
I'm so very lonely For my one and only,
Don't know what to do; Looks are not deceiving,
Seeing is believing, Got my eyes on you.

Often times I've heard this same old song,
"Wait until the right one comes along!"
Mustn't think I'm stupid, Foxy little cupid
Knows a thing or two!