Music by Earl Burtnett
Words by Haven Gillespie
Published 1919 by A.J. Stasny Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Here in the stillness of Love's sweetest hours,
When shadows of evening fall.
My heart is lonely, only for you,
For that's when my mem'ries call.

Evening, evening, when the long day is leaving,
That's when I sigh for the hours gone by
Just wond'ring if you ever knew how I love you
in Evening, evening,
Your love was just like the evening,
Bright like the day Then faded away,
Evening brings love dreams of you.

[Verse 2]
Your voice was sweet like the angel's above,
Your smile was my sunshine of love,
But all has faded, drifted away,
And shadows have come to stay.