Sweet Emalina, My Gal
Words and Music by Creamer and Layton
Publication and Copyright MCMXVII by Broadway Music Corporation

[Verse 1]
Moon am a-hining, the stars are bright above
Emaline, Emaline.
My heart am pining just for my lady love,
Emaline, Emaline.

Come love, crickets are calling just for you
Come down no use of stalling you hear me calling too.

Sweet Emalinea my Gal,
Sweet Emalina my Gal,
Come to my arms I want to love you now
Cuddle up closer old pal
Don't start to tellin' no lies,
Stoppa dat rolin' dem eyes,
'Cause When you look my troubles start Lawd!
I feel asumpin' bumpin' all around my heart,
Oh! Sweet Emalina my pal Sweet Emalina my gal.

[Verse 2]
Sweeter than honey, and more than twice as fine
Emaline, Emaline.
Your eyes amd sunny, and lawdy how they shine
Emaline, Emaline.

No one can come between us don't be 'fraid
Come down my dusky Venus, and hear my serenade.