Don't Say The Word, Farewell
Music by Paul C. Pratt
Words by Will Callahan
Published 1914 by Frank K. Root & Co.

[Verse 1]
You've come to bid me goodbye, dear,
You've come to say we must part;
Just like a flow'r that bloomed for an hour,
Hope now must fade from my heart.

Still I would live in the days that are gone,
Still I would dream as the long years roll on.

Don't say the word, farewell, dear,
Spare me the grief and pain;
Just let it seem, just let me dream
Someday you'll come back again.

Whisper again the story,
Sweetest that lips can tell;
Tho' we must part don't break my heart,
Don't say the word, farewell.

[Verse 2]
One day the world seemed a garden,
Fragrant with roses in bloom;
Now they are dead their perfume has fled
Sunshine has turned into gloom.

Over my life now a shadow is cast,
All that I have are my dreams of the past.