Respectfully Dedicated to the G.A.R.
By Hugo Hamlin And Andrew J. Dinegan
Published 1913 by Hugo Hamlin

[Verse 1]
On Decoration Day Ev'ry one seem'd gay,
The soldiers proudly march'd thro' crowded streets,
A soldier old and gray, wiped a tear away,
As he listen'd to the steady tramp of marching feet,

His grandson standing by, ask'd the old man why,
He should feel so sad on such a day.
The old man shook his head, and to the boy he said,
Listen lad to what I have to say:

When I hear the bugle calling,
When I hear the roll of drums,
I see the soldiers leaving for the front in sixty one,
and I see the friends and comrades
That fell in the cruel fray,
'Tis mem'ry lad that makes me sad,
On Decoration Day.

[Verse 2]
The old man said, my boy There's one sight gives me joy,
Then pointed to a battle scarr'd old flag,
That flag brings back the day When first we march'd away,
To the tune of Yankee Doodle and each boast and brag,

We had no thoughts of fear, promised loved ones dear,
We'd return brave heroes ev'ry one.
And tho' I'm fill'd with pride, a tear I cannot hide,
Thinking of friends lost in Sixty One.