Sung by the Ethiopian Serenaders
This Edition Published 1882 by Oliver Ditson & Co.

De boatman dance, de boatman sing,
De boatman up to eb'ry ting,
And when de boatman get on de shore,
He spends his cash and works for more.

Dance, de boatman, dance,
O dance, de boatman dance,
O dance all night 'till broad day light,
And go home wid de gals in de morning.
Hi ho, de Boatman row,
Floating down de ribber on de Ohio.

De boatman is a thrifty man,
Da is none can do as de boatman can,
I neber see a pretty girl in all my life
but dat she was some boatman's wife.

3. when you go to de boatman's ball,
Dance wid my wife or not at all;
Skyblue Jacket an tarpaulin hat,
Look out my boys for de ninetail cat.

When de boatman blows his horn,
Look out old man your hog is gone,
He steal my sheepm he cotch my shoat,
Den put em in bag an toat em to boat.