Always Take A Girl Named "Daisy."
('Cause Daisies Won't Tell.)
Music by Geo. W. Meyer
Words by ALFRED BRYAN and Sam M. Lewis
Publication and Copyright MCMXIII by Geo. W. Meyer Music Co.

[Verse 1]
Handsome Harry, handsome Harry Thomas,
He was sued, yes, sued for breach of promise,
He took Mary walking through the dell,
And said "Now don't you dare to tell,

Mary went right home and told her mother,
Ma told Pa and Pa then told another,
Brother told the preacher and
the pracher went and tolled a wedding bell.

Never take a walk with Mary,
Never take a walk with Sue
Never take a walk with Maude or Carrie,
That's the kind of girl you'll have to marry,

If you take a girl out walking,
Down a little shady dell,
Always take a girl named Daisy
'Cause daisies won't tell.

[Verse 2]
Harry's married life was pure and simple,
Till he met a girlie with a dimple
She said "Dear I'm not acquainted here
I just came down from Beaver Fall,

Harry winked and said Why silk and satin,
To this girl would be like Greek and Latin,
Harry felt like fainting
when he missed his little dollar Ingersol.