Oh! You Circus Day.
By: Edith Maida Lessing and Jimmie V. Monaco
Published 1919 by Broadway Music Corporation, New York

[Verse 1]
Oh my little Honey pin a rose on me,
for I'm just as happy as a bumble bee,
I must see that big parade,
Hear that old steam piano played.

Got to hear the band a playing down the street,
Got to buy the tickets for a big box seat,
Oh see them,Oh! hear them, ain't that music grand,
Let's go,Let's go,I've got to see that show.

On circus day,
just see that mule dressed up in pants,
See Salome do the hootchie dance,
Watch the acrobats tumbling down,
See that great big funny clown,

Look out, for that big grizzly bear,
He's a fright, he will bite,
Oh! circus day Just comes around but once a year,
Oh! my Honey ain't you glad we're here,

All the side shows we'll investigate,
And the monkeys we will pestercate,
Oh! you circus day.

[Verse 2]
Listen Honey listen to the bugle blow,
Keep your eyes wide open and we'll see the show,
See that bareback rider jump,
See that camel's great big hump.

Elephants are dancing to the circus tune,
See the possum riding on the big baboon,
Just hear them, they cheer them, hear the people yell,
Sit down,Sit down,I want to see that clown.